The 5 Best Engine Oil for 100CC Bike: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

Getting the best engine oil for your 100cc bike is extremely important and something that you cannot really compromise on. If you do not focus on getting the best engine oil, the lifespan of your bike will decrease. This will also reduce your motorcycle’s performance and make it harder to travel.

But don’t worry. We’ve gone ahead and scoured the internet to find the best engine oil for a 100cc bike to help narrow down your options. The products mentioned on this list are all tried and tested so you don’t have to worry about that. With that said, let’s go over the best ones.

Best Engine Oil for 100CC Bike

1. Honda Pro GN4 Motor Oil

You can use this engine oil in a variety of motorcycles due to its diverse nature. On top of that, this oil offers more protection against heat, making it an ideal choice for people living in warm areas. It offers premium quality that will ensure that your motorcycle’s engine is running smoothly.

This engine oil will allow your bike to have increased longevity and will also give you enhanced fuel efficiency. If you’re looking for premium engine oil that delivers pristine quality, then look no further than this product.

However, the packaging of this product doesn’t give off a premium look, so people often avoid it due to that. Plus, the oil can leak from easily formed cracks in the bottle due to the packaging quality.


  • It can be used for a wide variety of motorcycles
  • It provides great protection against heat
  • The engine oil ensures that your engine is working as smoothly as possible


  • The packaging can feel cheap
  • The packaging is prone to cracking, causing the oil to leak out

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This engine oil is our favorite if you’re looking for a high-quality product that provides high-temperature resistance and ensures longevity. If this piques your interest, then going for this product will be a no-brainer.

2. YamaLube All Purpose Four Stroke Oil

Since this is an all-purpose engine oil, you can use it for your bikes, ATVs, scooters, and more. Regardless of where you use it, you’ll get good results, and it will ensure that your vehicle stays in good shape. On top of that, it also has the strength to protect against wear and tear.

This engine oil is graded JASO MA and meets its requirements. If you’re looking for engine oil that is ideal for cold temperatures, then this is the product for you. Due to its oil grade (10W40), this oil can maintain its position even in cold weather and ensure that your engine performs well.

Keep in mind that this is mineral oil, so it won’t be good if you are someone who rides a lot or lives in an area with regular hot weather. Another thing to note is that many users have complained that the bottle leaked while in the mail.


  • This is an ideal engine oil for cold weather
  • It is great for new riders that do not drive a lot
  • The oil goes down easily, so you don’t have to worry about that


  • The bottle can leak during shipment
  • It won’t work that well in hot weather or if you ride frequently

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We highly suggest this engine oil for all new riders who live in a relatively cold area and don’t ride their bikes a lot. This will give you ideal performance and protect your engine from wear and tear.

3. Kawasaki 4-Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oil

This engine oil works well for all-terrain vehicles and properly coats your engine from the inside to protect it from wear and tear. Thanks to this, your engine will have a longer life and reduced oil volatility. It also ensures smooth shift quality through enhanced transmission dependability.

The oil is quite versatile since it is graded API SL, JASO MA, and JASO MA2, which can be used in almost all bikes and other vehicles. Plus, you can use it in both hot and cold weather with the same results and improve the performance of your engine.

However, most people buy this oil thinking it will work well with all types of vehicles. Unfortunately, it is ideal for low CC bikes. If you use it in high CC bikes, it will quickly burn away after turning black and not give you the performance that you were looking for. So, make sure that you keep that in mind.


  • Protects your engine from corrosion, which increases engine performance
  • Increases the lifespan of your bike’s engine
  • Improves the shift quality thanks to transmission performance


  • Does not work well with high CC motorcycles
  • While it works well in most weather conditions, it doesn’t perform that well in extreme conditions

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The Kawasaki 4-Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oil is one of the best engine oil for a 100cc bike. You can use it in almost all bikes, ATVs, and more. We especially loved how it coats the engine, protects it from corrosion, and enhances its life. You’ll also feel a noticeable improvement in shift quality.

4. Maxima Premium4 Motorcycle Engine Oil

This engine oil uses Premium4 technology which allows it to stand taller than other API or JASO graded oils. This grants your engine a long-lasting life cycle and allows max performance. It also works great in extreme temperatures.

With this engine oil, you’ll notice that your engine is giving peak performance and has better fuel economy – even in extreme conditions. It well regardless of rain, snow, or sunshine. It will help your bike start easily and will maintain engine temperature.

Keep in mind that this oil is neither a synthetic engine oil nor a semi-synthetic engine oil. It falls into the category of conventional engine oil.


  • Useful in all seasons
  • Works great even in extreme conditions
  • Gives better fuel economy to your bike


  • The delivery timing can be quite slow
  • The packaging is smaller in comparison to others

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Overall, this is a great engine oil for people looking for premium quality on a budget. It has fair pricing, and it will keep your engine in peak condition thanks to its anti-scuff technology.

5. Valvoline 4-Stroke Motor Oil 

This fully synthetic engine oil allows your engine to perform better and maximize its power and acceleration. It also protects your clutch, and you’ll feel that the shifting is smoother than before – even while driving on wet surfaces.

Plus, this synthetic engine oil gives added protection against harmful deposits that can decrease engine performance. It also provides great protection against corrosion and other wear and tear.

One thing to note is that the description of this product does not mention the grading of this oil. We would like to confirm that it is graded JASO MA2 and is compliant with those bikes.


  • Allows your engine to deliver full power and acceleration
  • Protects the bike’s clutch for a smoother shifting experience
  • Offers protection against corrosion


  • Since it is JASO MA2 compliant, it won’t work with all types of motorcycles

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This product has great quality and will ensure that your engine works properly. It also gives you a smoother ride experience and can also help your engine in extreme conditions.

Various Types of Bike Engine Oils

Mineral Oil

Mineral oil does not include complex chemical products like the ones we’ll discuss below. If you are someone that does not ride their bike a lot, then we suggest using this type of oil. However, if you are in extreme conditions or ride a lot, this type of oil is not the best option for protecting your engine..

Semi-Synthetic Bike Engine Oil

This oil is a mix of chemical and natural products – hence the name. It increases the lifespan of your motorcycle engine and protects it against heat. If you are a rider who loves going on drives every once in a while, this type of oil will suit your needs the most.

Synthetic Bike Engine Oil

Synthetic engine oils usually provide heat resistance and have great lubrication properties. This type of engine oil is recommended if you like to ride your bike a lot or are in an are with extreme temperatures. Riders that do not use their bikes regularly will not see too many additional benefits from this type of oil.

What to Look into a Bike Engine Oil?

Oil Grades

You have to use certain oil grades depending on your bike. These grades can look something like 5W20, 10W40, and more. The number before “W” indicates the consistency of the oil when the engine is cold. However, these numbers do not represent temperature.

The number after “W” shows how well it will settle at a higher temperature. If the number is higher, it means that the oil won’t break down easily. Finally, the “W” itself stands for winter.

Engine Oil Duration

The longevity and amount of engine oil depends on your motorcycle’s model and requirements. Naturally, the price will increase as the liters go up. Keeping extra engine oil with you is always recommended in case you run out.

It’s also important to make sure that you always get the oil changed regularly to keep your engine in good shape. We also recommend that you clean out the oil filter and air filter as part of your bike’s routine maintenance. Doing so will increase its overall life and give you a smoother experience.

Oil Specification

Getting the correct oil for your engine is an absolute must. Some engine oil works better in hot weather, while others perform well in the cold. There are two main oil specifications – American Petroleum Institute (API) and the Japanese Engine Oil Standards Implementation Panel (JASO).


Good engine oil will have additives in it to make sure that your engine is performing well. These additives help the oil clean the bike’s engine and prevent corrosion. Even though this isn’t essential, having additives can make a huge difference.


Is gn4 good for both the engine and transmission side?

It will work on both engine and transmission sides, but we prefer using the Honda HP Trans 80/85W for your transmission for better results.

How often should I change my oil?

While there is no definitive answer to this, the best time to change the oil is around every six months or after every 2,000 miles.

Is 20W40 good for bikes?

20W40 is thicker than the usual oil for bikes, so it won’t flow as well and can even cause clogs in some rare cases. It won’t properly lubricate your engine.

Best Engine Oil Brands


Honda has been in the engine oil business for a long time. It set the standard for bike oil when it introduced the GN4 way back in 1975. They have premium quality engine oils that are preferred by customers all over the globe.


YamaLubeis a great and genuine engine oil created by Yamaha. It has been going on for a long time and is considered one of the best oil for bikes. Plus, it comes in semi-synthetic oil or mineral engine oil.


Kawasaki produces quality engine oil that allows your engine to perform well. Due to the variety, you can get a semi-synthetic oil or synthetic motor oil, depending on what you are looking for.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best engine oil for your 100CC bike, these are the best options on the market. The Honda Pro GN4 Motor Oil is easily the best engine oil for a 100CC bike thanks to its diversity, protection against heat, and increased fuel efficiency.

If you are looking for a alternative, we suggest going for the Valvoline 4-Stroke Motor Oil. It provides great quality, increases your engine life, and reduces engine noise – resulting in a high-performing engine. All at a price that can’t be beat.

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