The 5 Best 6.5 Marine Speakers For Harley: Complete Buying Guide

If you are someone who likes to travel a lot on their Harley, you know how dull it can get over long distances. This is especially true if you are traveling alone at night. But don’t worry, we have the perfect solution. We’ve found the best 6.5 marine speakers for Harley so you can jam out to your favorite songs while on the road.

There are tons of speakers available in the market, and it can get overwhelming trying to find the best ones. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about any of that. We’ve done the leg-work for you. Here are the 5 best 6.5” marine speakers for your Harley.

1. Skar Audio SK65MB 6.5″ 2-Way Marine Speakers

Starting with our first product, the Skar Audio SK65MB 6.5″ 2-Way Marine Speakers have a full range of audio. You can use these speakers at high volumes without losing any quality. This is also thanks to the premium microfiber surrounding the mid-woofer, which helps deliver pristine quality sounds.

Bass enthusiasts will especially love this product as it has some of the finest bass that we’ve heard from marine speakers. The best part is that they do not need a lot of power to use, so you don’t have to worry about draining your Harley’s battery.

That said, amateurs won’t have a fun time installing them if they plan to do so themselves. These speakers do come with an instruction manual, but it doesn’t help that much. If you’re not set on DIY-ing it and are willing to get them installed by someone else, you’ll love these speakers.


  • Amazing sound quality, especially the bass range
  • They have a premium-quality feel
  • These speakers do not use a lot of power


  •  Beginners will have a tough time installing them

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As long as you get them installed by a professional, you’ll have a great time with these speakers. They offer an extremely loud sound – probably the loudest we’ve heard in 6.5-inch speakers. Plus, they don’t lose sound quality which is pretty impressive.

2. KICKER Black OEM Replacement Marine Speakers

If you’re looking for speakers that come in a wide variety of color and design options, then this is the product for you. There are tons of designs and colors available, so you will certainly find one that suits your aesthetic and bike. The overall audio performance is also good, which is exactly what you’re looking for.

Plus, placing them on your Harley Davidson is quite a convenient and straightforward process. We personally think that these pair of speakers are a massive upgrade over the stock speakers in your bike. The audio quality has a visible difference and they justify their price tag.

While everything else is a welcomed addition, the durability can be a bit concerning. They might not hold up well in extreme conditions. Despite being budget-friendly, you won’t want to deal with buying regular replacements.


  • The sound quality is good, especially as an upgrade over stock speakers
  • Tons of colors and designs are available, adding style to your bike’s look, unlike the factory speakers
  • Budget-friendly


  •  The durability is lacking

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For anyone looking to upgrade from the stock speakers, this product will serve you well. If you are looking for your first speakers, then they will work even better since they are a massive upgrade. Plus, the sound quality is excellent, considering how affordable they are.

3. Rockville Rmc65b Pair 6-1/2″ 2-Way Marine Speakers

Thanks to their build quality, they are fully marinized against salt water and fresh water conditions. On top of that, they are also rustproof, which is always a welcomed addition with any speakers. The stainless steel terminals offer amazing durability, which will come in handy in the long run.

This product also includes mounting screws, making it easier to install them. The overall volume is also quite decent, which is great for music lovers.

However, we do have to discuss their flaws. These speakers, while great, can leave the customer wanting a little more in terms of sound quality. They are ideal for listening to the radio or music at low volumes. If you’re going to listen to loud music, they can often fall below expectations.


  • They are rustproof, making them long-lasting
  • The mounting screws come with them, so you don’t have to buy additional ones
  • Stainless steel terminals add durability to the speakers


  •  The sound quality can leave you wanting more

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People that love listening to the radio will absolutely love these speakers. They have a good frequency range, allowing you to listen to your favorite radio stations while enjoying the open road. The overall music sound quality is decent for the price.

4. Rockford Fosgate RM1652B Marine 6.5″

The coaxially integrated tweeter allows them to have a full range of sound and are perfect for anyone who likes their music loud. Plus, they are true marine-grade speakers, which means they are resistant to dust, water, corrosion, UV, and much more. This allows for maximum durability.

The best part is that they come with a 2-year warranty which is extremely nice to have in case your speakers get damaged or broken. Having the option to replace or exchange the speakers is great, and your wallet will thank you for it.

Despite the speakers being quite durable, they are still susceptible to damage. This is especially the case if something hits the speakers. The good news is that doesn’t happen often, so you shouldn’t worry about that.


  • The Rockford Fosgate comes with a 2-year warranty to cover any damages
  • The range is superb
  • Loud volume without losing any quality


  • While they are quite durable, they can get damaged quickly if not taken care of

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Fans of loud music will absolutely love the Rockford Fosgate. You will get all the benefits of loud volume without losing any quality. The best part is that these coaxial speakers are easy to install, thanks to the helpful instructions manual.

5. Gravity 6-1/2″ 2-Way Waterproof and Weather Resistant Marine Speakers

These waterproof speakers have built-in LED lights which will enhance your road-trip adventures and immerse you in your music. On top of that, we like that they are easy to install.

The best part is that these speakers come with excellent customer service to assist you if you have any problems. Plus, you have the option to return or exchange these speakers within a 12 month time period. This gives you plenty of time to test them out and make sure you really like them.

One downside is that the sound quality can feel slightly off for some songs. If you are listening to songs with strong bass, you’ll clearly notice a lack of quality.


  • Built-in LED lights add style
  • Customer service is top-notch
  • They are durable


  • The sound quality can leave you wanting more

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If you’re looking for flashy speakers, then there is no better option than these. The best part is that they can be easily installed by someone who doesn’t have prior experience with speakers. If you don’t mind the mediocre bass quality, you will not be disappointed by this product.

Buying Guide

Finding the perfect marine speakers can feel impossible if you do not know what you’re looking for. However, we’ve gone ahead and made it easier for you to choose the best speakers by looking at some of the crucial things. With that said, let’s go over everything you need to consider.

Quality of the Speaker

Quality is the first thing that you should look for in any speaker. The best way to judge the quality of a marine speaker is to check the reviews and ask people around you that have used that brand. After that, make sure that you try out the product yourself to make sure that you are satisfied.

Typically, the higher the quality of the speaker, the more expensive it will be. However, you can find a good deal and an amazing budget-friendly product if you look hard enough.

Quality of Sound

The sound is just as important as the quality of the speaker. If it does not have good sound, you won’t be able to fully enjoy your music – especially on a Harley. Many products have good sound quality, but as soon as you turn up the volume, they don’t sound the same anymore.

Finding a speaker with good sound, even when loud, can be difficult – but it’s not impossible. You can easily look at some of the products mentioned on this list to get yourself the ideal speaker on which you can enjoy your music.


The durability of any product is very important. If your speaker is not durable, it will break, and you will have no choice but to get a new one. However, a durable speaker will last a long time and save you a lot of money. We also suggest that you try to find a speaker that has a warranty. That way if it does break, you’re covered.

While it might not sound like much, a warranty can save you a lot of trouble and the hassle of getting new ones. A good brand will offer you a warranty that will replace or exchange your speakers for new ones in case the original gets damaged or stops working.


Finally, the affordability of the speakers is also pretty important. While this point depends on your personal budget, make sure you do your research and check the market to see which place has the best deals.

The most expensive speakers aren’t always the best ones, and the more affordable options don’t always have flaws.

You should do thorough research before making the final decision to avoid buyer’s regret later on.

Tips for How to Make the Most Out of the Product

Once you have purchased the best 6.5 marine speakers for Harley, you will want to take extra care of them to ensure that they last a long time. One of the best things you can do is do regular maintenance and check them whenever you get your bike serviced to make sure nothing is wrong with your speakers.

You should also regularly clean the speakers with a clean, soft cloth to ensure that no debris are stuck in them. This will keep your speakers clean and keep the sound quality where it should be. Having a lot of dust in the speaker can be dangerous and can damage the product, as well.

Finally, do not park your bike in direct sunlight or in extreme conditions. Doing so can result in your new speakers getting broken or damaged. That is why taking proper care of them is so important.

The more you care for your new speakers, the better shape they will be in and the longer they will last.


Are Harley stock speakers waterproof?

Unfortunately, the Fairing Speakers are neither waterproof nor weatherproof. That is why people often change their Fairing speakers for custom ones, especially the marine ones. Since you never know when you have to ride in the rain, it is always good to have a backup plan.

Can I make my speakers louder?

Yes, you can make your speakers louder by using a few methods. First of all, let’s start with the obvious one – upgrading your motorcycle speakers. You can also use a high-power amplifier to get the job done. Finally, do some source unit upgrades, and you’ll be good to go.

Is it safe to attach marine speakers to my bike?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to install marine speakers as your primary motorcycle speakers. The biggest reason to do this is that most marine speakers are affordable and, most of importantly, they are waterproof. Plus, you can also get better sound quality with them instead of normal motorcycle speakers.

Do all motorcycles have sound systems?

No, most bikes do not have sound systems. While sound systems are specially built for cars and trucks, bikes are often left hanging. Fortunately, you can always install your own speakers. But we do want to note that finding a motorcycle that already has a speaker will make things easier. It’s a lot more simple to swap out and upgrade an existing speaker than it is to completely install one.

The Best 6.5 Marine Speaker Brands

Rockford Fosgate

Rockford Fosgate specializes in manufacturing motorcycle speakers, especially for the Harley. They are usually considered the best brand to get speakers from when it comes to bikes. Their wide variety and diverse range of products has made fans all over the world loyal to them, and rightly so.


Rockville is a good brand that has a wide range of speakers for all types of users. Whether you want to look for bike speakers, marine speakers, or even speakers for your car – they have it all. Their quality is also quite good even if listening to music at loud volumes. The speaker does a great job of representing the bass.

Skar Audio

Skar Audio is an affordable brand that has speakers for music enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Most people say that this is a great brand to get your first speaker from since it won’t hurt your wallet. The best part is that they have a lot of other types of speakers as well, so make sure that you check them out.


Those are the 5 best 6.5 marine speakers for Harley Davidson. If you are looking to upgrade your stock speakers or just want to do some speaker upgrades, this buying guide will help you make the right decision. Some of these speakers are easy to install, while some have great sound quality.

Depending on your preference, you will find some great choices in this list. The Rockford Fosgate RM1652B Marine 6.5″ are our top pick due to the sound quality. Their polypropylene cones and coaxial speakers can’t be beat.

Plus, they sound good even if you are driving at high speeds or are in a busy area, thanks to their loud volume and those polypropylene cones. So, the next time you are looking for speakers for your Harley Davidson, we suggest looking into these speakers.

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